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Специальные смазки

VITROLIS ACX is an excellent blow mold lubricant, that prevents the occurrence of cracks and incisions. The material is applied to the surface of the mold using the brush directly in the operating mode SPS.

We recommend using this lubricant for all parts of the form, which are in contact with the hot glass.

In the glass container production VITROLIS ACX can be applied to:

the upper part of the blow mould for the incisions prevention under the rim
the blow mould seams for the incisions prevention at the seams
blow mould bottom for the incisions prevention at the bottom
sharp corners in the blow mould engraving for the incisions prevention on the inscriptions and engraving
blank mould pallet for the incisions prevention by contact of pallet with the blank mould
For the glass containers, which are produced by pressing, it is recommended to apply the product to:

the mold seams and connections
the bottleneck equipment
the contact point of plunger and ring