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Специальные смазки

VITROLIS CEC cold-end container glass coating is formulated for glass and tableware used at coating temperatures in excess of 100°C. VITROLIS CEC cold-end glass coating provides your glassware with the protection needed to reach the consumer intact and scratch-free. The system applies a thin coating of VITROLIS CEC food-grade kosher fatty acid complex to glassware as it emerges from the annealing lehr. The ware passes through the heated spray hood on the lehr belt, where atomised particles of VITROLIS CEC settle onto the exterior surface of the glass. VITROLIS CEC bonds quickly to hot glass in an extremely thin film that significantly lowers the coefficient of friction of the glass.

The non-toxic formulation of VITROLIS CEC coating is designed to resist the formation of spray nozzle blockages in application equipment. VITROLIS CEC coating is a highly flexible product working well with synthetic, casein, starch, or self-adhesive glues.