Масла и смазочные
материалы оптом

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Специальные смазки

These VITROLIS DL grades are manufactured from severely refined mineral hydrocarbon base stocks producing extremely high quality, water clear lubricants with an exceptionally low order of toxicity.

VITROLIS DL LIGHT and HEAVY meet the requirements essential in the highly specialised area of ‘Shotgun’ lubrication where new generation, highly rated production units are being introduced into the glass container manufacturing process.

They offer excellent sealing and lubrication between the molten glass and the ‘Shotgun’ barrel, essential to convert and maintain the optimum pneumatic power generated by these units into effective acceleration of the newly sheared gob.

In addition, they are ideally suited to conventional type scoop lubrication where improved gob loading coupled to low residue formation is required.

VITROLIS DL LIGHT and HEAVY are particularly recommended for applications where hygiene and health and safety aspects are of paramount importance. In particular these aspects are often regarded as essential when the very strict demands of the food, drink or cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries are to be considered.