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Специальные смазки

VITROLIS SHEARLUBE 3344 has been specifically developed for the glass container and table ware Industries to lubricate and cool the gob shear blades in the process of cutting molten glass.

This highly sophisticated formulation produces an emulsifiable product that is classified under current regulations as non-toxic and is fully biodegradable. The lubricant has been designed to work at extremely high dilution rates, starting at 500:1 up to 1200:1, yet still maintaining outstanding blade life and quality of shear.

Due to the excellent biodegradability and emulsion characteristics of the product it is particularly suited to a direct dosing system where the lubricant is injected into the water phase just prior to the shear head. It can also be used in older type re-circulating systems.

For optimum performance softened water should be used for preparation of the emulsion. However, the product is formulated on vegetable oil derived feed stocks to give high tolerance to hard water salts and improved thermal stability.